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Weststar Defence Industries is a principle supplier of regional defence and security products and services. We design, engineer, manufacture, market, provide industry and technology consultation for a wide array of products.


Setting the technology-driven industry in motion, we are rapidly meeting the challenges of evolving defence and security industries’ needs, particularly the escalating targeted demand for technologically advanced, cost-effective products and services.


Our products line up and industry technology consultation are founded upon our superior engineering capability and astute understanding of the defence and security industries’ needs.


With our products and services, we have led significant efforts in the areas of technology growth and increased engineering utilization in the defence and security sectors.


Across all segments, Weststar Defence Industries thrives on enduring client relationships. To this end, we are consistently collaborating with our stakeholders and clients to lend support to collective efforts that will drive better products and services.


Fundamentally, we strive to ensure that our corporate strategy is forward thinking and actionable and in turn, creates the best values for our clients’ investment returns.

Harnessing Regional Defence & Security Capability

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